General Responsibilities

  • Participants must wear appropriate clothing, preferably Muslim clothing at all times during Muktamar.
  • Participants must wear their name tag the entire time during the program.
  • Parents are required to actively monitor the safety of their children including be responsible to pick up them once the children have finished their activities (i.e. madrasah)
  • Youth and children are not allowed to walk alone or unaccompanied by their parents around Muktamar area after 10 PM.
  • Youth and children are not allowed to use Fitness Centre Facility or Swimming Pool without adult supervision.
  • Youth and children are not allowed to go out from the hotel without adult supervision.
  • Youth and children must maintain their conducts as Muslims with good manner: avoiding harm actions, keeping the voice down in the hallway or public space, avoiding talking to any stranger, treating others with respect, and keeping classroom neat.
  • Participants must take appropriate precautions so that no injury or damage will result to any person or property. IMSA/MISG shall not be held liable for personal injury, accident, loss or damage property due to negligence of the participants.
  • Participants must comply with all safety, fire, and health ordinance.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring first-aid supplies even though they have been prepared by Muktamar committee.
  • If something suspicious thing occurs, participants are obliged to report to the security team or any Muktamar committee members as soon as possible.
  • Participants must always keep their valuable documents and belongings in the safe place.
  • For security reason, please do not leave valuable documents and belongings in car.
  • Participants should travel only with necessary documents.
  • On odd circumstances, if participants must leave the Muktamar early, it is compulsory to report their departure to security team or any Muktamar committee members.

Use of Room Facilities

  • It is the participants responsibilities to take reasonable care of their own room and its furnishings, and to maintain sanitary and safe conditions.
  • Report any problem or damage in hotel room immediately to a hotel receptionist to avoid any misunderstanding and unnecessary charges.
  • Participant is responsible for the expense of room charges, if any (long distance/local calls, soft drink, pay movie/TV, internet/video games).
  • Participant is responsible for the behavior of his/her guests in their room. No overnight guests are permitted.
  • Designated venues are any room that has been assigned for Muktamar event – no child is allowed to go beyond designated places without adult supervision.
  • Participants are responsible for keeping all muktamar venues clean including dining hall; cleaning up the table and all utensils after use.
  • Participants are encouraged to make wudu in their room to keep the public restrooms around the hotel clean.

The Following Are Not Allowed At All Times

  • To sublet their room to any other person(s).
  • To change their room assignments without advance approval from Muktamar registration committee.
  • To change placement of furniture in hotel rooms.
  • To remove furniture or equipment from the hotel room.
  • To bring any cooking devices (such as: portable/electric stove, deep fryer, etc) and doing any cooking activities inside hotel room.
  • To bring a TV set or Stereo Sound System into a bed/study room or common areas.
  • To bring any kind of weapons (including toy guns), which may cause damage to people, rooms, or facilities.
  • To vandalize rooms, public areas, or personal property.
All matters and questions not covered by these Rules and Regulations are subject to the decision of the organizer. These Rules and Regulations may be amended at any time by the organizer, and all amendments or additions that may be made shall be as equally binding on all parties affected as the original Rules and Regulations. Familiarize yourself with the hotel rules. If you feel you cannot abide by them, please notify the organizer so that we can cancel your participation in the program. The hotels will notify the organizer of any rule infraction. Individuals violating these rules will not be permitted to infringe upon the rights of other hotel guests.