This year’s theme is "Hijrah: Transforming Oneself in Challenging Times". When the first generation of Muslims were facing difficulties in Makkah, the Prophet SAW looked to Madinah for new opportunities. During and after their migration, they transformed themselves not only geographically but also spiritually and into one cohesive body.

How are we then also benefitting from myriad of opportunities available to us and able to transform ourselves to overcome challenges of our time and place? Our distinguished speakers are coming from U.S., Indonesia, and Malaysia to impart lessons and encourage us together to work on them.

We will have programs based on our theme for everyone of different ages, interests and languages including Madrasah, Youth Program, Yaumun Nisa and Yaumu Shabab. Please check back here or register for Muktamar to get notifications on any Muktamar updates including programs.