Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG) was founded in 1976 in Illinois to unite Malaysian students who were active in campus-based Islamic study. Beginning in 1990, Muslim students from Indonesia have become involved in the activities of MISG and benefited from its activities. Later, in order to suit their own needs, a new organization, namely the Indonesian Muslim Student Association (IMSA) was established in 1998 in Missouri at MISG annual convention. IMSA then became Indonesian Muslim Society in America, a religious, charitable, scientific, literary, educational and not-for-profit organization.

The mission of IMSA is to assist Indonesian Muslim community in North America in its quest to advance its intellectual and spiritual capacity for the benefit of Indonesian society at large both in North America and Indonesia. Toward this end IMSA shall:

  • Organize discussion groups on educational, religious, and scientific topics,
  • Undertake and engage in social, charitable and cultural activities,
  • Coordinate human and material resources of Indonesian Muslim community,
  • Establish cooperative relationship with similar organizations in North America that have common mission and objectives, and
  • Promote understanding and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims.

The primary goal of MISG is to promote and encourage personal development of individuals who:

  • Have Islamic personalities that enable integration of common knowledge with Islamic knowledge.
  • Have a vision of establishing an Islamic society in Malaysia and Indonesia.
  • Fully understand the importance of making local Islamic centers as the center for Muslims.
  • Are proactive in enjoining the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

Thus, the primary focus of MISG is the development of intellectual and Islamic morality through da'wah centered in the Islamic Center and the university campuses. MISG also work actively to build working relationships with a variety of “halaqah” organizations throughout North America.

IMSA Program & Activities

MISG Program & Activities