Mohamad Joban

Imam Mohamad Joban, MA is the current president of the Imam Fatwa Committee in Washington State, an instructor of Internet Islamic University, is a full time imam at Masjid Ar-Rahmah (MAPS)... read more

Syahroni Mardani

Ustadz Syahroni Mardani is the current Spiritual Consultant Bank Indonesia, member of FORSIMPTA (Forum Silaturahmi Masjid Perkantoran Jakarta)... read more

Wisam Sharieff

Imam Wisam Sharieff is the founder and CEO of AQL, an institute focus on personal development through Quranic lifestyle-recitation, prayer, and suplication- to empower the mind, body, and soul... read more

Adi Sumandi

Ustaz Adi Sumandi received his Islamic education in Islamic Boarding School, Pondok Modern Darussalam, Gontor, Indonesia 1984-1991... read more

Ahmad Honest Qashidi

Ahmad Honest Qashidi . He received a Bachelor’s Degree in Islamic Law and Jurisprudence from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt... read more

Dedeh Agustina

Ustadzah Dedeh Agustina ​is a parenting and family trainer... read more

Fahmi Zubir

Ustad Fahmi Zubir is currently an Imam at IMAAM Center in Silver Spring, MD... read more

Ifdal Yusuf

Br. Ifdal Yusuf is a young Qari who just graduated from University of Texas at Arlington in psychology... read more

Jihad Saafir

Dr. Jihad Saafir has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arabic studies, a Master’s Degree in Islamic leadership, and a Ph... read more

Muhamad Rozaimi

Prof. Madya Dr. Muhamad Rozaimi graduated from the University of Mu’tah, Jordan with a degree in Shariah... read more

Muhammad Arief Budiman

Dr. Budiman is a senior scientist at Orion Genomics, a biotechnology company in St... read more

Oki Setiana Dewi

Dr. Hj. Oki Setiana Dewi, S. Hum., M.Pd. is an Indonesian actress, writer and preacher... read more

Rita Sasmita Pritarini

Ustadzah Rita, well known among IMSA and MISG sisters, was two term president of IMSA Sister for 2007-2010 and has been leading halaqahs among sisters in US and Canada... read more

Sakinah alHabshi

Chaplain Sakinah Alhabshi completed her Clinical Pastoral Education residency and fellowship at Stanford Hospital, CA, in 2019-2020... read more

Shamsi Ali

Dr. Shamsi Ali, lc.MA ​is the director of Jamaica Muslim Center, and President of Nusantara Foundation... read more

Suhail Hasan Mulla

Shaykh Suhail currently serves as the IOK Muslim Chaplain at both, UCLA and CSUN... read more