Event overview

Muktamar is a highly anticipated annual conference presented by both IMSA and MISG for over 24 years. This event provides the perfect opportunity for participants to increase their Islamic knowledge. This relaxed environment also encourages participants to serve their communities, and promotes bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood, especially among fellow IMSA and MISG members. Participants are able to build a strong community with other Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims in the USA.

When describing the best of companions and friends, the Prophet SAW said, “One whose appearance reminds you of God, and whose speech increases you in knowledge, and whose actions remind you of the hereafter.” This year’s theme is “The Blessings of Companionship in Our Journey”, to commemorate our 25th year together on this journey with Muktamar. This also coincides with IMSA’s 25th anniversary.

During a 5-day conference, participants will take part in an exciting and well-rounded program that has been carefully crafted to celebrate this year’s theme. There are tracks to serve all age groups, including separate programs for youth, children, and young adults, as well as a special full day program dedicated specially for sisters. Participants will also receive three meals daily during full day programs and one meal during partial day programs.

This year’s speakers feature several knowledgeable and experienced speakers and teachers. As this year’s Muktamar will take place in Austin, Texas, many of our speakers call Texas home. We are also honored to host many other accomplished American, Indonesian, and Malaysian speakers. The general program will feature educational sessions, including a seerah series by Ustadz Salim Fillah, A Crash Course in Halal Investing by Dr. Main Al-Qudah, a session about the Adab of Social Media with Ustadz Azlan Shah Nabees Khan, and much, much more. Muktamar 2023 will also have engaging and interactive activities including a 5K, a couple’s workshop, and case studies about parenting scenarios and community conflict resolution.

Outside the main program, there will also be a bazaar featuring vendors from the US and Canada. The bazaar is always one of the most visited events during Muktamar. The bazaar is a great platform to learn about various Halal Industries, Islamic Finance & Lifestyle. Non-profit organizations will also have opportunities to showcase their services during the bazaar.