Yaumun Nisa' Program

Dec 26, 2020 EST (UTC-5)
YouTube Recording
10:30am - 12:00pm

Opening Ceremony & Talk Show

1. Tilawah.

2. Sambutan Amirah IMSA dan MISG.

3. Talk show - With Sister Helwah Balfas (Hamburg) and Sister Ria Christiana (Jakarta), with the theme: Finding Hikmah in Dealing with Hardship. 

4. Group photo

12:15pm - 01:15pm

Workshop 1 : Food Phonegraphy

Learn how to take attention grabbing pictures of your food with your very own phone.

Workshop 2: Jamie Oliver 30 Minutes Challenge

Challenge yourself to create three creative meals: appetizer, main course, and dessert in 30 minutes, using Jamie Oliver’s famous recipe book.

Workshop 3 : Face Yoga for Younger and Healthier Skin

Practice easy facial exercises to keep your skin young and radiant.


01:30pm - 02:15pm


1. Creative Egg Cooking Challenge - Use unique ingredients to create a one of a kind easy egg meal.

2. Scavenger Hunt - Get ready for a fun adrenaline rush as you search for mystery items around your house!

02:15pm - 03:00pm


Sit back, relax, and get ready to be entertained!